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OAUG Public Sector SIG
 Welcome to the Public Sector SIG!

We are committed to working with our members and Oracle to increase the efficiency and use of the applications used by the Public Sector Entities.

We are interested in hearing from you!  Let us know what interests you and we can provide the information by bringing the experts to the SIG.

 Please join us at Oracle Open World 2015, October 25th thru 29th.  The event is as follows: OAUG Public Sector Special Interest Group Meeting [SIG9876]  Sunday, October 25th (time and location is TBD)This meeting updates OAUG Public Sector Special Interest Group members on the future directions of Oracle Public Sector applications. The purpose of this Oracle Applications Users Group is to share information and ideas in relation to the use of Oracle Applications as the primary business system for a public sector entity.A live system demo of the new budgeting solution for Public Sector, Hyperion Cloud, will be conducted.  It will be a great time to collaborate and ask questions on this new product.